RepRent has a long experience in the promotion of medicinal products in the pharmaceutical market, due to the presence of external professional services covering all regions of Russia. The team of medical representatives is formed from the features and requirements of the partner company. Depending on the client's request, we provide the following services:

  • Allow to increase the number of medical representatives in a short period of time for stocks, sampling, launches and other events require fast reaching a large number of specialists of the target group
  • Long-term projects projects over 6 months (allow to generate loyalty specialists target groups through the work of medical representatives and expand its geographic presence)
  • Possibility of overcoming the limit of regular number of employees
  • Possibility to select personnel for transfer to your staff
  • Opportunity to transfer out staff workers who are on probation
  • Reducing the cost of HR and Accounting
Interactive activities involve potential customers into action and make them stakeholders BTL sales promotion. Demonstration of goods to consumers intended to instill trust to our company
Complex BTL-events for the target group of the customer:
  • Mailing (postal, with Remedium group print media, e-mail and others);
  • Conference;
  • Promotions - a great way to show consumers the quality of goods or services;
  • Exhibitions and seminars (from design and development to create a stand promotional materials on the stand and animation);
  • Focus groups;
  • Webinars;
  • Establishing multi programs to stimulate sales; development of loyalty programs; creation of special portals;
  • Our own CRM- system allows to automate routine data collection activities from field staff (supervisors, merchandisers, promoters, medical representatives) and the reduction in operational reports;
  • Monitor field staff with mobile technologies;
  • Receive photo-reports;
  • Automate the chore of note data from different regions;
  • Improve the quality of transmitted information fields;
  • Remove the tremendous pressure from managers BTL-projects;
  • Make transparent interaction between the customer and the agency and increase confidence.
Resource savings, efficiency and effective marketing services provided by RepRent will allow you to:
  • reduce the cost of legal and financial support for their staff
  • proactively manage the number of employees involved in the implementation of projects in your campaign
  • quickly and effectively organize and conduct seasonal marketing campaigns and programs
  • timely and professional manner to inform professionals about the benefits of health care facilities for your products
  • on favorable terms to place your ads in Remedium Group publications


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